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Owners of allegedly abused dog not accepting groomer's apology

SINGAPORE - The owners of the dog that was allegedly abused by a pet groomer have responded.

In a series of Instagram stories, they thanked everyone for their concern, and for spreading awareness about what happened to their pet Maltipoo named Miso.

Miso was reportedly abused by a groomer from The Fur Room, a pet grooming salon, on Oct 23. 

A video posted on social media on Oct 24 showed a groomer hitting and choking a brown poodle.

The Fur Room's owner has since apologised and confirmed that the Animal Veterinary Services (AVS) is looking into the matter.

The groomer in question, Jessie Lim, has also apologised via an Instagram post.  

Lim said she did not leash the poodle so that he would be "more comfortable". She acknowledged it was her fault for failing to notice the dog was too close to the edge as she was busy ensuring its paws were "carefully trimmed".

She also said that she had put her hand under the poodle's chin and held its tail at the same time to encourage the dog to stand still.

"He was not in pain as a dog's indicator of pain would be yelping," she said.

In her apology, she said will step down from her position as a groomer.

However, Miso's owners are not accepting the apology. While they acknowledged that Miso is "hyperactive and might be difficult to groom him at times", his behaviour should not be an excuse for the rough handling.

"This is not an apology we can accept," they said, adding that they are in contact with AVS.

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