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Parents choose pricier milk powder due to kids' allergies

This article is more than 12 months old

The increasing prices of infant formula might be painful, but the baby's well-being is more important, said parents The New Paper spoke to yesterday.

They often choose more expensive brands of milk powder because of their children's allergies.

Mr Tinesh Siv, 29, has been searching for a suitable formula for his one-month-old daughter. She has a sensitive stomach and often vomits milk.


He said: "She drinks a lot of milk, so one tin lasts about 1½ weeks. That adds up to over $100 a month. And the formula (for sensitive stomachs) will probably be more expensive."

Mr Ken Lim, 35, who has 20-month-old twins, tries to save money by supplementing milk powder with breast milk. His twins have gone through many brands because they often suffer from constipation or diarrhoea.

Mr Lim, who works in the lift maintenance industry, estimated he spends $1,200 a month on milk powder and diapers.

Ms Ernie Ellysa, 25, whose 14-month-old daughter has a skin allergy, said she spends about 30 per cent of her income on goat milk powder.

The patient service associate, who also has a seven-year-old son, noticed there has been a price increase over the years.

"I used to give my son Similac because it contained DHA and Omega-3, which I thought would be good for his health. I've also tried giving my daughter regular milk powder before she had her skin allergy."

Some parents admit that the milk powder brand matters.

A Chinese national who wanted to be known only as Ms Xiu Xiu said: "I think the prices here are definitely more expensive, but I'll still buy it because it is safer."

The 33-year-old housewife added: "I trust leading milk powder products, such as those with positive titles on them."