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Peacock goes into fight mode against Porsche parked in Sentosa

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Sometimes, polishing something so well that you could see your reflection on it isn't always a good thing. 

Especially when it involves a peacock.

A Porsche owner recently found that out when his shiny navy blue car “came under attack” by a peacock in Sentosa.

In a video posted on TikTok on Aug 15, the majestic bird is seen repeatedly pecking on the left back door of the car and flapping its wings on it. 

Apparently, the pecking sounds could be heard a few metres away from where the video was taken.

Thankfully for the car owner, it seemed the bird had damaged only that side of the car.

This is likely not the first time a peacock has attacked a car in Sentosa – at the start of the video, a sign "PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK" is shown.

@_babydollzxc Spotted a peacock attacking a Porsche in #sentosa ♬ original sound Goh - Hui Ying

The sign adds that there are peacocks wandering freely and known to attack reflective surfaces as they may view their own reflection as a competitor. 

Geez, what an ego.