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Prep for that video job interview like a professional

This article is more than 12 months old

How we work has changed tremendously during the Covid-19 pandemic, with working from home the new normal.

Conducting meetings through video calls have become a regular mode of communication between employers and their staff.

Companies are also sussing out future employees through video interviews.

Here are some tips on how you can effectively prepare for a video interview.


It is one of the most important factors in determining if a job interview goes smoothly.

A bad Internet connection may result in unnecessary and often annoying interruptions.

If you are at home, turn on your Wi-Fi router and find a spot with a strong connection.

Also, household members may want to refrain from overloading the Wi-Fi signal, which can weaken the connection.


Do not answer that video call in your pyjamas!

It is still a job interview and your first impression matters.

You can be a little less dressed down - no need for shoes - but you must at least look neat and smart.


The microphone captures your voice with more clarity, and the earpiece will project sound into your ears more consistently than a regular laptop or phone speakers.

It also minimises the noise from your environment - you don't need your interviewer to hear your family dog barking.


A conducive environment ensures you stay focused.

Getting distracted can make you look unprepared if your train of thought is disrupted due to the environment around you.


Make sure your mobile phone, tablet or laptop is fully charged before the interview, or connect it to a charger.

You do not want the power to go off in the middle of the interview.

It will indicate that you are not prepared, or worse, not interested.