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Public may face 'delays in ambulance response' if 995 calls continue to climb, says SCDF

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The number of 995 calls to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) have risen in the past few weeks.

There were about 760 calls a day on average in the first week of July - with the highest being 810 - said the SCDF on Friday (July 8). Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the average daily number of EMS calls was around 550.

"If EMS calls continue to climb, the public may experience delays in ambulance response, particularly for less critical medical incidents," the SCDF said in a Facebook post.

It is monitoring the situation closely and has implemented various measures to manage the rise in calls. These measures include adjusting the deployments of ambulances to areas with a high rate of medical emergency calls, and prioritising its response to life-threatening cases.

Patients assessed by SCDF paramedics to have non-emergency medical conditions will not be taken to hospital, said the SCDF. "Our 995 call takers, paramedics and frontliners are doing their best to provide swift conveyance to hospital for people with life-threatening and emergency medical conditions."

The public is encouraged to refrain from calling 995 if they are not suffering any life-threatening or emergency medical conditions. Critical emergencies include sudden onset of chest pain, breathlessness, drowsiness or confusion, sudden onset of limb or body weakness, difficult in speech or drooping of the face, severe bleeding from injuries, loss of consciousness, and unexplained jerking of the body or fits.

"By doing so, SCDF can continue to provide swift conveyance to those who require our emergency medical services," it added.


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Posted by Singapore Civil Defence Force on Friday, July 8, 2022