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Punggol eatery halts use of live crab claw machine

This article is more than 12 months old

After a backlash, a restaurant in Punggol has stopped using a machine where customers can catch their own live Sri Lankan crabs.

Yesterday, the House of Seafood restaurant said on Facebook that it has stopped using the claw machine temporarily and apologised for causing unhappiness.

The U-turn came a day after it was called out on Facebook by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) as being cruel to the crabs.

"We did not intend to use animals as playthings. We noticed a lot of children at The Punggol Settlement (where the restaurant is) and we wanted to educate them about marine life," Mr Francis Ng, the restaurant's chief executive officer, said in the Facebook post. "We are deeply sorry and apologise for any inconvenience and unhappiness caused."

But SPCA CEO Jaipal Singh Gill said the measure was insufficient.

"We appreciate this clarification and are very happy with this news. However, what we are asking for is a full and permanent stop to the use of this machine," he said.

The National Parks Board's Animal and Veterinary Service said yesterday that it was investigating the matter.

Videos of the machine went viral on Wednesday, sparking a public outcry.

The restaurant introduced the machine earlier this month and customers could pay $5 to try to snap up their desired crustacean.