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Random TikTok 'meet-up and dance' request met with wide approval

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Talk about random. But for some reason, a teenager’s TikTok video inviting people to meet outside Hillion Mall in Bukit Panjang to dance on New Year's Day has been surprisingly well received.

The video, uploaded by TikTok user, Xavier, 19, has been viewed more than 200,000 times, and as at Dec 30, garnered some 18,000 likes and over 750 comments. 

Some of those comments are from TikTokers stating their intention to join the dance gathering.

In the video, Xavier gives a shout out to "all west siders" to meet up at the open space outside Hillion Mall on Jan 1, 2022 to dance along to "Rock With Me", a viral dance trend on the video platform.


Organizing this now so don’t let it flop

♬ Rock With Me - Inverse

Initially, TikTokers resisted the early meeting time of 10am, but Xavier responded by changing it to 1pm.


There were also concerns that the dance meet-up may be illegal given pandemic regulations. Currently, the maximum permitted size for social gatherings is five people.

Speaking to Mothership.sg, Xavier said he did not expect his video to be viewed so many times.

"If a large crowd really shows up, I want us to all have a good and safe time making dance TikToks," he added.

On Dec 30, Xavier uploaded another video with more instructions for people planning to head down to the mall. He also said people who decide to show up should mask up and stay in their individual groups.

He also told them not to approach him and to avoid congregating as a crowd.

"Let's make this clean and fun and safe for everyone, okay?" Xavier said.

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