Rape victim had never been uncontactable

This article is more than 12 months old

His girlfriend had never been uncontactable in their three-year relationship.

So when the 22-year-old undergraduate went silent on her mobile phone in the early hours of July 24, 2014, the worried boyfriend searched for her using an app.

Now 28, he was testifying in the High Court yesterday on Day 4 of the trial of Ong Soon Heng, 40, for one charge each of abduction and rape.

The prosecution's case is that Ong had plied her with drinks, then drove her back to his house and raped her.

Yesterday, the boyfriend told the court that he had encouraged his girlfriend to go to Zouk for a colleague's farewell party. When she stopped replying to his WhatsApp messages at about 3.15am, he assumed she was with her friends. But two hours later, she had not taken all seven of his calls.

Close to 6am, the Find My iPhone app showed her device was at Hume Heights, in Hillview. He got into his van and followed the GPS to a carpark near five colonial black and white bungalows.

At about 6.30am, he spotted his girlfriend's shoes outside the door of one of the houses and knocked for five minutes before Ong's housemate opened it.

The housemate became "panicky", glanced at a closed door inside the house and made a phone call that went unanswered, he said.

The boyfriend said the man let him into the house. He opened the room door and saw his girlfriend and Ong on a mattress, under a blanket.

He said Ong sprang up and said: "I did not do anything".

Ong's lawyer, Mr Peter Fernando, contended that the boyfriend's account was "entirely untrue".

He said his client's version is that the woman got up from the mattress on her own and walked out to his van unaided.

He asserted that the woman then looked at Ong and stuck out her tongue "to indicate she was caught red-handed by you".

"I strongly disagree," said the boyfriend.

The trial continues.