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Resident pens gently-worded letter to neighbour, to keep the cheering down during the World Cup

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Frustrated with the yelling and screaming over the past World Cup month, a Clementi HDB resident pasted a notice on her floor’s lift lobby asking her neighbour, rather politely, to keep the volume down during the games. 

The letter was put up on Dec 14, the day after Argentina beat Croatia 3-0 in the semi-finals.

Addressed “To our lovely neighbour” at the woman’s flat number, it reads:

I know now is World Cup Season and it is coming to an end soon. But I hope we can seek your cooperation to lower your voice and (keep the) screaming down when the match starts at 3am in the morning. Argentina won 3 goals against Croatia and you screamed 3 times.

We need to work the following day.

We seek your understanding, and thank you very much.

Hope Argentina will win the World Cup.

From your Neighbours.

Speaking to MS News, the Clementi resident who resides at the stated unit said she saw the notice at her lift lobby and felt totally apologetic about the matter.

She explained that she had become a football fan only recently, and it was her 60-year-old mother who has been a fan for a while.

“She is the one always watching alone and screaming, so I wanted to accompany her,” she explained. “But then I got too excited too because I really like (Lionel) Messi.”

Upon seeing the notice, she visited her neighbours next door to apologise, but was told the notice did not come from them.

She doesn’t know which unit – upstairs or downstairs – the letter came from. 

Regardless, she took the opportunity to say sorry to anyone who was affected by her excitement that night and has promised not to do it again, especially during the final this Sunday, which pits her beloved Argentina against France.

Don’t worry dear, if Messi hits a last-minute winner to win the cup, you won't be the only one in delirium. 

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