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Revised toll charges at Tuas Checkpoint from March 31

Drivers heading into Malaysia and Singapore via the Tuas checkpoint during off-peak periods can expect an increase in toll charges from the end of March.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Thursday announced a revision of toll charges from March 31, extending the current peak period charges for respective vehicles throughout the day and scrapping the off-peak rates.

The adjustments follow Malaysia’s recent revision of its toll charges at the Tanjung Kupang Toll Plaza (Second Link), said the LTA, and are in line with “Singapore’s longstanding policy of matching Malaysia’s toll rates”.

Since March 2020, motorists behind the wheel of cars, vans or light goods vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, taxis and buses are required to pay toll charges according to rates for peak (5am to 10am, 3pm to 11pm) and off-peak (10am to 3pm, 11-5pm) hours.

With the upcoming change, those driving cars will be required to pay a toll of $2.10 the entire day.

Drivers of heavy goods vehicles will pay the steepest charge of $11.30.

The LTA reminded all drivers entering Malaysia to ensure sufficient value in their stored value cards, which should be inserted into the card reader for the respective deduction of toll chargers at the checkpoints.

Those driving foreign-registered vehicles must have LTA’s Vehicle Entry Permit approval email and valid Autopass card before entering Singapore.

Those without the permit must apply for it on LTA’s OneMotoring website two weeks prior to their intended travel.

All-day toll charges at Tuas Checkpoint from March 31

Cars - $2.10

Vans/Light goods vehicles - $5.60

Heavy goods vehicles - $11.30

Taxis - $1.60

Buses - $2.50

Motorcycles - Nil (No change)