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Rider botches food delivery, has to fork out $28 after recipients eat and refuse to compensate

This article is more than 12 months old

A delivery rider found himself $28 out of pocket after delivering a food order to the wrong unit. 

When he realised his mistake and went back to retrieve the order from the wrong recipients, he found they had already eaten a portion of the food, and wouldn’t compensate for the amount.

The rider, Duong Hoan, took to Facebook on Dec 28 to explain the incident which took place at Funan mall.  

He mistakenly sent the order to Nanyang coffee concept store Butter Bean located on the first floor. 

In his post – which has since been removed – he said he rushed back to the store 20 minutes later, but was told by an employee that some of the staff had already eaten the food. 

"[I tried] to explain to her that I'm [only] a food delivery guy, please return the food box or pay me for the food," he said, adding that the order bill was $28. 

However, the Butter Bean employees allegedly "refused to do so".

"I'm totally disappointed with these people. I now need to compensate $28 to the shop. My day is spoiled," wrote Duong Hoan. 

A spokesman from Butter Bean told AsiaOne that they are investigating the matter.

Their CCTV recording shows the delivery rider going into Butter Bean's Funan Mall outlet at 9.59am, handing the staff the food package containing a box of chicken and mentioning it was for them.

As there was no delivery order or receipt attached, the Butter Bean's team could not track the order and assumed  it was from one of their regular customers, who had been sending snacks to the store.

The delivery rider later returned to the store at 12.28pm. And as one of the staff had already partially consumed the food, they were unable to return the package to the rider.

"We would like to reassure the public that it was never our staff's intention to retain the food. On the other hand, our staff should not have made (the) assumption that it was from a regular customer (either)," said the spokesman.

"Through this incident, we have also stepped up our training and reiterated to our team to be more mindful of unidentified deliveries.”

Butter Bean said they have reached out to Duong Hoan to assure him they are looking into the matter and hope to resolve it amicably.