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Rival tissue sellers squabble over 'turf' outside temple

This article is more than 12 months old

It's a competitive job market out there. Even for tissue sellers.

A feud between two tissue vendors got so heated recently that police had to be called in.

The incident occurred outside the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple at Waterloo Street last Friday, at around 3pm.

Police were seen questioning an auntie and an uncle, both of whom are tissue sellers.

The auntie, 60-year-old Huang Xiuyu, told Shin Min Daily News that she has been selling tissues outside the temple for over eight years.

She said that the man, who is on crutches, arrived to sell tissues around two months ago. She believes that he is out to snatch her territory by setting up stall in such close proximity.

Ms Huang added: "Everyone has their own spot here and they shouldn't come so close. However, he insists on sitting behind me to peddle his wares and wants to chase me away."

Not only does the man swear frequently, he also tries to 'snatch business' by calling out loudly to passers-by who want to buy tissues from her, said Ms Huang.

On the day of the incident, both parties got into a quarrel again and the man called the police.

Ms Huang said: "He appeared to be sleeping before the incident happened. Someone passed by and kicked his things. He insisted that it was me and called the police."

Police arrived at the scene and left after some mediation, reported Shin Min.

Reporters also spoke to the man to get his side of the story.

Acknowledging that Ms Huang had arrived before him on the day of the incident, the man said that he was opening his parasol when it accidentally hit Ms Huang's parasol, which led to their dispute.

He also said that Ms Huang often verbally abuses him with vulgarities and that her friends would curse him as well.

However, another female tissue seller said that the man is operating without a license and has argued with many people.