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Rooster crosses busy road in Pasir Ris as onlookers cheer

The question isn't why the chicken crossed the road, but how?

In the case of a rooster “jaywalking” at a busy junction outside E!Hub at Downtown East, the answer is: Barely.

On Monday (27 Feb), TikTok user @lutfillatiff shared a nail-biting video of a rooster crossing the road amid busy traffic. 

The brazzen bird never once looked one flustered, until a silver car making a u-turn almost ran it over. Thankfully, the car noticed the feathered one and stopped in time. 

Though startled by the close encounter, the rooster regains its poise and safely makes it across.

Apart from the TikTok user, a number of pedestrians can be heard cheering the rooster on in the background.

Good job, cock.


Why did the chicken cross the road? That question remains one of the few unexplained mysteries we will never have the true answers to, but i’m glad the chicken did cross the road 🤝 and is alive and well before it becomes KFC 🤤

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