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Shorter wait for vehicle entry permit applications to enter Singapore

The processing time for Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) applications to enter Singapore will be progressively reduced from the current seven weeks to three.

This is as the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has increased its resources to cope with the surge in applications following the re-opening of land borders between Singapore and Malaysia on April 1.

It is a requirement for foreign-registered vehicles entering Singapore to have a valid VEP.

"Since applications opened on March 31, 2022, about 50,000 applicants - or about 40 per cent of total applications - have received the outcomes of their applications ahead of the stated processing time at the point of application. The remaining applicants can expect to have their applications processed within three weeks," said LTA on Monday (April 18).

LTA advised leisure travellers to "defer their plans to allow those with essential travel needs to make their trips."

Applications can only be done online via VEP Digital Services on LTA's OneMotoring website. At the point of application, applicants will be informed of the expected processing time.

The system was upgraded in preparation for the land border re-opening. It has been available since March 31.

The permit is valid for 14 days and any extension has to be done two days before expiry to avoid late fees.

In addition to LTA's VEP approval e-mail, motorists with foreign-registered vehicles must also have a valid Autopass card before they travel. The Autopass card is tagged to the vehicle and is not transferable.

It is used to record the vehicle's entry into Singapore as well as to pay the applicable entry and exit fees. Details on how to collect the Autopass card are included in the VEP approval e-mail.