SIDFest 2021 to discuss future of design in post-Covid world

SIDFest will engage national and global audience with showcases that celebrate the innovation of the interior design industry

The Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) will be holding symposiums to discuss the future of interior design in a post-Covid world as part of the May 17-30 Singapore Interior Design Festival (SIDFest) 2021 at the National Design Centre.

The SIDS Symposium is supported by the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and will be attended both physically and virtually by IFI delegates and the international design community. 

The Asia Roundtable will have delegates from 15 countries and territories from the Asia-Pacific region.

Both symposiums are a significant part of SIDFest 2021 as they will present opportunities for the international interior design community to discuss shifting paradigms in the built environment industry and how changing global needs and norms will affect design in a post-Covid world. 

Some of the topics that interior designers around the world are grappling with are the expansion of personal bubbles, decentralisation of workspaces and the blending of physical and virtual spaces as people may prefer reduced physical touchpoints and become more accustomed to doing things online like ordering a meal, looking at a menu, etc.

Said SIDS president Keat Ong: “In 2020, we saw the world at its darkest. Yet we also saw it at its brightest.

“While the pandemic, in many ways, brought mankind to a standstill, it also brought out the best in us. We were forced to innovate, to create, to allow our minds to wander in ways we never thought possible or were brave enough to try.

“SIDFest 2021, with our theme of Optimised/Optimism, pays tribute to those in our community who have embraced new habits and, through their works, created new norms.

“The festival and SIDS Symposium will be a celebration of this positive spirit and feature designs that reflect the optimism in our industry.”

SIDFest 2021 will coincide with World Interiors Day (WID) on May 29. 

IFI has decided that the theme for WID this year is “Design as a Global Conversation”, a theme that will complement the discussions at the symposium.

Said IFI CEO Shashi Caan: “On behalf of all at IFI, we are honoured to be part of the SIDS Symposium to discuss the future of design in a post-Covid world.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the design community to rethink how we look at spaces. With added emphasis and needs on aspects like wellness, for example, the symposium will provide a good opportunity for the international community to speak about these issues.

“We commend The Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) for organising SIDFest and for shining the spotlight on the interior design trade. The festival’s theme Optimised/Optimism - and having it coincide with World Interiors Day brings added significance. We wish SIDFest the very best success.”

Apart from the symposium, SIDFest will also feature showcases of installations and workshops in which the public can take part.

The main highlight will be the Design by Numbers showcase in which designers will use assigned numbered plots on the National Design Centre (NDC) atrium to build large-scale inhabitable structures of varying heights and sizes.

The showcase is meant to be interactive and multi-sensory, with people able to step into the installations to view and experience them, as well as enjoy them from the various levels of the NDC.

Akin to painting by numbers, the numbered plots represent different segments in the industry, revealing the cumulative sum of the parts as something bigger, better, and with a deeper meaning.

The works of some of the most promising young interior designers will also be on show in another showcase, 20 Under 45.

Currently, at the nomination stage, 20 of Singapore’s most influential designers under the age of 45 will be selected from a pool of entries to show off their works. 

The list of the final 20 will be revealed at the end of April.

Incidentally, both Design by Numbers and 20 Under 45 are firsts for SIDFest. 

Design by Numbers will be the first multi-sensory, multi-dimensional showcase of its kind at SIDFest.

Similarly, 20 Under 45 will make its debut at SIDFest with organisers planning to make it an annual affair.

Admission to SIDFest 2021 is free. More details of SIDFest will be available at

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