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Single mum, 46, who worked 2 jobs and raised 3 kids dies after brain aneurysm

A single mum who worked two jobs and supported three children, died suddenly from a brain aneurysm last Friday (July 15) after she said she was having a headache and severe neck pain. 

Ms Wang Huihui, 46, who worked in an administrative role in the day and a bar assistant three times a week, returned home from work on July 13 with a fever, according to her 21- year-old daughter, Ke, as reported by Shin Min Daily News

"My mother told her friend at about 1am that she was having a headache. Everyone in the family was asleep at the time," said Ke. 

Two hours later, Ms Wang felt an unbearable pain in her neck. To relieve the pain, she got up from bed and applied ice to the area.

She started vomiting at around 5am and later fainted – waking up the family, who called for an ambulance. 

"I learnt cardiopulmonary resuscitation back when I was in poly, so I tried to help my mother before the ambulance arrived," Ke added.

Despite their best efforts, Wang never regained consciousness and died in hospital two days later.

According to Gleneagles Hospital, a brain aneurysm is a 'bubble' in the wall of an artery within the brain that can fill up with blood and eventually burst, resulting in serious damage to the surrounding brain cells.

Some symptoms include nausea and vomiting, neck pain, a sudden severe headache, impaired vision and speech and paralysis or weakness on one side of the body.

Ke, who has a twin sister and a  23-year-old brother, said her parents divorced shortly after she was born. 

Aside from her kids, Ms Wang also took care of her elderly parents. 

"She was a great mum who put her family first. She never complained in front of us," said Ke, who added that her mum would jog when she had the time, kept a simple diet, and did not show any sign of illness. 

Ke said her mum’s long-time wish was to donate her organs after her death so that she could help others. 

She has since donated her liver and corneas.

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