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SMRT system to detect people falling onto tracks

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SMRT is developing a video analytics system that can discern abnormal patterns, such as commuters falling on to train tracks.

Mr Chia Chun Wah, SMRT senior vice-president of the Circle Line and Bukit Panjang LRT Special Projects, revealed details of the system that is in the trial phase, as he testified in a court inquiry yesterday over the death of cook Ang Boon Tong.

The court heard that Mr Ang, 43, was drunk after consuming about four bottles of beer when he fell off the platform at the Fajar LRT station on the Bukit Panjang Line operated by SMRT and onto the tracks on March 24.

State Coroner Marvin Bay said no one saw the victim before he was struck by two driverless trains.

He added that the station did not have any detection measures apart from manually monitoring closed-circuit television footage.

Asked about its safety measures at LRT stations, Mr Patrick Nathan, SMRT vice-president for corporate communications, cited examples such as fixed barriers at station platforms and safety reminders displayed on posters.

Coroner Bay said the video analytics system is "expected to generate an alarm that will give train operators a cue of a possible emergent situation and allow their speedy investigation to resolve the emergency".

He added: "It would also be useful to raise public awareness of the existing measures available such as the emergency stop plunger, the safety zone and the staircase access back to the platform..."


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