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SP students help raise funds for local arts groups

This article is more than 12 months old

As local arts groups struggle to find funding during the Covid-19 pandemic, two Singapore Polytechnic students are giving back to local arts communities by raising money to help them tide through this difficult period.

Agnes Koh and Chin Yanni, both Visual and Communication Design students, worked with non-profit arts groups to design graphics and produce videos for their giving.sg campaigns as part of a class project.

Ms Koh, 24, worked with Sing’Theatre, a non-profit theatre company, on their campaign, Tunes of Companionship, created for the group’s programme, 365 Days of Music, which seeks to perform for patients in hospitals.

This programme is close to Ms Koh’s heart, having been a regular patient at the National University Hospital from 2016 to 2017 due to an intestinal disorder. 

“I was just lying on the bed, there was nothing to do,” she said, recalling her experience of being warded once every three months. “You start thinking about negative things. For me, that was hard to go through.”

Ms Koh said that if she had been exposed to the 365 Days of Music programme while hospitalised, the performances would have lifted her spirits, and created a better healing environment for her.

Meanwhile, Ms Chin, 19, worked with The A Cappella Society on their campaign, Power of Voices for youth singers. 

The A Cappella Society aims to be a platform to connect youth singers and make singing programmes and events more accessible. 

Ms Chin herself is a singer who was among the top three winners of the Starker Music Jams 2019 n, a local music competition for soloists and bands. She also shared the stage with Taiwanese band F.I.R at the Starker Music Carnival that same year.

She said: “It means a lot to me that aspiring singers can have a platform to showcase their talents.”

Both students hope to continue pursuing design careers.

“Designers are needed for graphics, logos, and posters. Artists are needed in Covid-19 campaigns,” Ms Chin said.

Said Ms Koh: “Companies are more aggressive to engage our services, especially when they have to reach out to people on social media now that everyone is at home on their phones.”