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S'porean sentenced to 48 months' prison for fixing SEA Games match

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​A Singaporean was sentenced to 48 months' jail for match-fixing at the 28th South East Asian (SEA) Games.

Rajendran Kurusamy (below) was charged with engaging in a conspiracy with three other people to bribe Orlando Marques Henriques Mendes, a technical director of the Timor Leste Football Association, with $15,000 in exchange for the SEA Games Timor Leste football team to lose their match against Malaysia.

He was also charged with offering bribes to players of Timore Leste as an inducement to lose the same match.

The final charge was for bribing Mendes with $1,000 to lose the match.

The men were arrested on May 28.

The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) reiterated in a press release that "Singapore adopts a zero tolerance approach towards corruption, and match-fixing of any form is not condoned in Singapore".

It added: "The CPIB will not hesitate to take action against any party involved in match-fixing related activities."

This is not Rajendran's first brush with the law.

The former associate of notorious match-fixer Wilson Raj received a 27-month jail sentence in 1997 for attempting to bribe three S-League players.

Two years later, he was jailed another 24 months for agreeing to give $20,000 to a prison warder to smuggle him a mobile phone. He had used the phone to make football bets and illegal personal calls.


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