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Strong winds topple over tables and flower pots, say residents of high-rise HDB in Queenstown

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Winds so strong it could topple tables and chairs?

Residents of the 47-storey SkyResidence @ Dawson – a HDB development in Margaret Drive – have been plagued by strong winds that would apparently “blow away” almost anything that’s placed outside their unit.

Not only will flower pots get blown from one end of the corridor to another, shoe cabinets placed outside would also get wet from the rain, they told Shin Min Daily News.

One resident living on the 41st floor, surnamed Tian, said she noticed that a spot at the end of her corridor had no shield to keep out the elements, and it was the precise "ventilation point" where the wind was the strongest.

Despite being located some 5m away from the opening, the 55-year-old said tables and chairs she placed outside her door would topple over from the wind. 

Flower pots would also get blown away, and the floor would be wet whenever it rained, she said.

Tian added: "I can't place anything at my door. What's the use of having such a big space along the corridor?"

Another resident on the 39th floor shared the same predicament. The 61-year-old man, surnamed Zhu, said he had to replace a wooden cabinet outside their door after it was damaged by the rain.

One neighbour said the building's design exacerbates the effects of the wind. "The shape of this block is curved in a semi-circle... as a result the wind can be easily redirected inwards," said the man.

Another resident, surnamed Jiang, said her metal gate had rusted as a result of the rain-bearing winds. She also noted that a "small prayer altar" along the corridor would often topple over when there were strong winds, posing a fire hazard.

"It's the worst during December, when we can really hear the (whistling) sound of the wind. We hope the authorities can help," said Jiang.

One possible solution the residentes offered was to install more shields or shutters to block out the wind and rain. Only some areas of the block have these structures.

Some areas of the block have structures installed to shield from the wind and rain.PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

When contacted by Shin Min, a representative from the Tanjong Pagar Town Council said they would be working with HDB to look into the matter.