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Students leave condo looking like rubbish dump, homeowner left speechless

She had rented out her newly bought condo to students, who then turned the apartment upside down after a few months.  

Speaking to AsiaOne, the landlord, Amanda, said she rented it out to two male students from China, only to find that they quietly snuck in a third female “tenant” after a while.  

When they left, the place was strewn with garbage – from the living room to the laundry space. 

In a TikTok video uploaded by Ben's Social Club on Tuesday (Aug 15), the apartment looks like a trash disposal facility. 

There were clothes, food waste, plastic bags and other trash covering the dining table, sofa and TV counter, as well as the floor.

Both bedrooms in the apartment were in a similar state, with beds unmade and garbage in almost every corner of each room.

The washroom wasn’t spared either; according to Amanda, the corner of the sink counter was damaged as well.

"There're piles of electronic cigarettes around the house and many cigarette butts in the kitchen sink. I was speechless (when I saw it)," Amanda said.

To make matters worse, the tenants apparently left utility bills unpaid. 

"It wasn't just a problem with them not clearing up their mess," Amanda said. "They also failed to pay utility bills for a few months and even ran away before paying for their last month of rent."

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Previously, Amanda had rented the apartment out to a company, who housed its workers for a short time. 

"There were no major problems in terms of sanitation, aside from a bad smell in the house. Later, the company checked out and didn't renew the lease, so the former owner's agent rented it to students," Amanda said.

Originally, the contract stated that only two male students would live there. However, a third person – a woman – had quietly moved in, she added.

Amanda said she is letting the police deal with the matter. She has no plans to find new tenants as she intends to live in the apartment. 

Renovations for the home have already begun, Amanda shared.

"The renovator asked if there was anything I'd like to retain in the home. I told them that I want the walls, floor and cabinets all removed –I hate things that are dirty."