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SUV cuts into path of cyclists, causing crash

Yet again we have a clash of road users who seem to live in different worlds, or at least move at different speeds, and perhaps belong on different lanes.

And this time there was an accident, with a black SUV knocking down a cyclist.

A video, apparently from the dash cam of a vehicle behind, was uploaded on the Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road Facebook page.

It shows the SUV passing three cyclists going single-file, and then turning left immediately, cutting into their path.

The first cyclist and the car collide. The cyclist falls down, but gets up and picks up the bike.

According to the post, this happened at the entrance of West Crest @ Bukit Batok just before 7.15am on Jan 20.

Those commenting seemed to fall into familiar pro-cyclist and pro-motorist groups, even when it was fairly clear who was at fault here.

There were those who advised cyclists to be extra vigilant, for their own safety, though they seemed to be going straight, had the right of way and did nothing wrong.

Would it be better, when cyclists are in a group, for them to ride two abreast? That is legal, and it could be safer, but it would mean an entire lane of traffic moving at cycling pace.

And there are of course those who would say that if we all show some patience and tolerance for other road users, and follow the rules, we’ll all be safe.