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Teachers, parents and twins work together to succeed

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With support from all quarters, twin brothers overcome learning difficulties

When twins Clester and Clarence Cher were in their first year in Millennia Institute (MI) , they struggled with their studies and their teachers found them difficult to handle.

Both had issues with absenteeism and teachers would often complain about their refusal to hand in homework.

Fast forward three years, and through hard work and support from their parents and teachers, the brothers overcame their learning difficulties and did well in their A-level examinations.

The twins, 20, achieved an A grade for management of business, with Clester getting an A for economics and Clarence scoring an A for mathematics.

Their form teacher of three years, Mrs Selina Wee, told The New Paper: "The boys were argumentative, they didn't really understand all the school rules."

Clester and Clarence told TNP that their problems were exacerbated because of their learning needs, which made adjusting to pre-university education difficult.

Clester said: "I find it quite difficult to focus so it takes me longer to learn."

At the end of the first year, their parents and Mrs Wee had a meeting to see what they could do to help the boys succeed in school.

The twins' father, Mr Cher Kwang Siong, 51, said: "We explained to the teacher the problems the boys were facing, and the teacher began to give them more attention."

Apart from roping in classmates to guide them along, Mrs Wee, being the teacher in charge of the school's Entrepreneurship Club, also tapped on the brothers' interests in business.

Clester and Clarence were running their own part-time business selling car accessories.

The twins attributed their success to their teachers, who gave them the support they needed.

Clarence said: "For example, our maths teacher, Mr Thanesh (Manoselvam), stayed back and guided me in questions that I did not know."

He added that teachers such as Mr Thanesh and Mrs Wee were always available to help them.

With MI's three-year programme, the twins had more time to adapt to the A-level syllabus; and having each other to rely on also helped in their revision.

The twins plan to further their education in a business-related course in university.