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Teens probed for flipping signboard at toddler in Keong Saik Rd

SINGAPORE - Four teenagers are now being investigated by the police for public nuisance and dishonest misappropriation of property after one of them flipped a "wet floor" signage at a toddler.

In a statement on Tuesday (Nov 9), the police said the incident had occurred outside the Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple, which is in Keong Saik Road, on Monday at 8.30pm.

A video of the incident, published on the Instagram page of Wake Up Singapore, an alternative news source, was watched more than 280,000 times.

The video shows a man hitting a signboard, which flies towards a toddler, before he is seen running away with three other people.

Some who posted comments on the Instagram post claimed that they had seen the group behaving like they were drunk near the Guild House, which is also on Keong Saik Road.

The teens were caught when police officers spotted two of them holding onto a "wet floor" signage at Serangoon MRT station at around 9.45pm on Monday.

After preliminary investigations, the two 18-year-olds were established to be from the same group behind the incident in Keong Saik Road.

The police said the other two teens were traced and all four are currently being investigated for public nuisance and theft of public property.

An individual found guilty of being a public nuisances could face a $2,000 fine, a jail term of up to three months, or both.

Those found guilty of dishonest misappropriation of property could face a jail term of up to two years, a fine, or both.