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Terror: Man's own doing

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So terror has reared its ugly head in France once more. And it is likely to do so again, there and elsewhere.

Whatever the cause of these twisted and cruel few trying to change the complexion of the future, how can they hope to succeed, especially when they can only offer pain, adding to the misery that already exists in this world?

But what has happened to those who would alleviate the suffering of the downtrodden, extending a hand to the meek?

Have they failed?

These people peddling terror may not be believers in the end times, but they are certainly stoking such a belief.

And with the terror continuing unabated, is vigilance alone enough?

In the background, various factors are at play, conspiring to bring about the next tragedy.

But much of the harm being done is down to a limited few. Among these, the capacity for destruction rather than creation knows no bounds.

It could have been so different, had man worked together to erase the ills of the world much earlier.

I feel the 1970s was when the negativity set in, with many looking inwards to satisfy one's own selfish desires.

This is where the seeds of discontent were sown.

The deadly sin of greed took on frightening proportions.

It is a pity, as we had a chance to start over and not repeat the same mistakes after the two World Wars.

But we have learnt little, it would seem.

And this is being taken advantage of by those who serve their own lust for wealth, power or glory.

It is clear that it is not some unseen hand at work, or evil prophecy of impending doom, but rather our own actions that have brought us to this point.