Three of four new community cases linked to BS Industrial cluster

Three of the four community cases reported yesterday were linked to a cluster at BS Industrial Construction and Supply, said the Health Ministry last night.

There are now seven Covid-19 cases in the cluster.

The first to be recorded was a sales person who tested positive on Jan 18.

The total number of community cases continues to rise, with 21 in the past seven days, compared with three in the previous seven.

The number of unlinked cases in the community has also increased to six in the past seven days from one in the previous seven.

Two of the new cases in the cluster lived in the same households as infected employees from BS Industrial Construction and Supply.

One, a 43-year-old Singaporean woman, is the spouse of the 39-year-old permanent resident who was the first case.

She works as an online trader and does not physically interact with her clients. She tested positive on Jan 20.

The second is a 46-year-old Malaysian work pass holder who works in sales at Toppan Merrill in Church Street. She also does not interact directly with clients. She lives with a 28-year-old finance employee at BS Industrial Construction and Supply who tested positive on Jan 20.

The third new case in the cluster is a 35-year-old permanent resident who also works in sales at BS Industrial Construction and Supply. He developed a sore throat on Jan 18 but did not seek medical treatment. He tested positive for the infection on Jan 20 while in quarantine.

The final community case is unlinked. He is a 42-year-old Singaporean who works as a diver at Ocean Works Asia. He is asymptomatic, and his infection was detected when he took a test as part of the requirement for shore-based personnel.

There were also 34 imported cases yesterday, taking Singapore's total to 59,235.

Of these, 33 had been placed on stay-home notices on arrival in Singapore.

The 34th, a permanent resident who was in Singapore for work, tested negative upon arrival on Sunday and was on a controlled itinerary during his stay here. He subsequently tested positive for Covid-19 infection on Wednesday. - THE STRAITS TIMES

By the numbers 

38 New cases

29 Deaths

4 New cases in community

33 Discharged yesterday

34 Imported cases

43 In hospital

59235 Total cases

58944 Total recovered