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TikTokers renting themselves out as CNY, Valentine's Day dates

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Dreading the CNY house visits because you’re single and you have to field questions from family and relatives on why? 

A solution might be found on TikTok, where a handful of people have availed themselves “for rent” as a stand-in date during the festive period – as well as Valentine’s Day.  

TikToker _wayneee_  wrote that for $50, he will pose as your boyfriend during CNY, chauffeur you around for house visits and even play blackjack, poker and mahjong.

He also offers to take nice "outfit of the day" pictures for the girl.

@_wayneee_ im srs #fyp #tiktoksg #cny ♬ Polaroid Love - ENHYPEN

Other TikTokers are willing to take it a little further.

Username cold.by, who is available for Feb 2 and Feb 14, provides a range of activities – from offering McDonald's breakfast-in-bed ($50) to convincing “your mom you finally found a non-toxic guy ($5000)".

@cold.by im very serious on tiktok #fyp #tiktoksg ♬ original sound - ?????

Then there’s @matz.c, who offers an even more extensive list of services for Feb 1, 2 and 14.

For $2000, he will officially start dating the girl and make it known as such on his Instagram account by adding her handle in his bio.

As part of his "CNY special", he will pay his respects to the girl's grandparents and parents during the new year, as well as read out eight auspicious phrases in Chinese – all for $488.

For a cool $1,000, you can get his “meet the parents package”, where he'll attend the girl's reunion dinner celebration and "lou the yusheng" with her folks.

Heck, he'll even "play peekaboo with your baby cousin, debate politics with your uncles, hold your hand, kiss you on the forehead, and cover you with my jacket when you feel cold".

@matz.c my paynow in bio #fyp #tiktoksg inspired by @cold.by ♬ Material Girl (Bass Boosted) - Saucy Santana

Of course, not all the CNY companionship offers are from men. 

Username @f0xypony will “act as your girlfriend” in front of friends and family on Feb 2 for $288. 

Though she does not gamble, she sweetly offers to drive you home if you’re exhausted. 

@f0xypony #cny #tiktoksg ♬ Pretty Girl - Clairo

Seems like an absolute bargain.

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