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Two cases of discarded mail by SingPost postmen in Tampines last month

This article is more than 12 months old

There were two cases of undelivered mail reported in Tampines last month.

They occurred nine days apart, with the first one on April 16.

Responding to queries from The New Paper, SingPost issued a statement yesterday apologising for the two lapses.

In the first incident, the postman forgot that he had left a stack of letters behind on the ground floor at Block 708, Tampines Street 71.

A resident found the 78 letters and contacted SingPost, which retrieved them from him within two hours. The letters were distributed to the intended recipients the same night.

In its statement yesterday, a SingPost spokesman said the company has already disciplined the postman for his error.

It added: "We... would like to assure the public that even as we tighten our processes to improve service standards, there may be some lapses... in the midst of being fine-tuned. We seek understanding and patience from the public."

Mr Mohamed Shariff, 60, who lives in a unit in Block 708, told TNP that employees of SingPost should have the right attitude and be better prepared for the job.

He added: "SingPost should give them more training, more courses, and maybe even look at its hiring process, to prevent this from happening again."

The second incident, on April 25, happened at Block 862A, Tampines Street 83.

A woman posted photos on Facebook of two stacks of letters and parcels she discovered in a wastepaper holder near the letter boxes of the block around 11.30pm.

SingPost got in touch with the Facebook user, Ms Joanne Li, and retrieved the letters and parcels the next morning.

In her post, Ms Li wrote: "Packages aside, there are letters of private and confidential nature and you don't want them to be lost just like that. There may be people who will make use of your information and do malicious things."

SingPost said the second service lapse was by a new postman who had joined the company in March.

Its spokesman said: "We will address this issue with the postman concerned in an appropriate manner and would like to thank Ms Li, once again, for her kind assistance in this matter."

In February, SingPost was fined $100,000 by the Infocommunications Media Development Authority for failing to meet standards in 2017 and it was hit with a $300,000 fine the following month for lapses in 2018.