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Two men cause ruckus at Punggol restaurant following dispute, police investigating

Two men dining at a restaurant in Punggol on Saturday (March 12) evening caused a scene when they smashed a plate to the ground, pushed a female server and threatened to beat up another male staff member.

According to a Facebook post on the Hawkers United - Dabao 2020 Facebook group, an onlooker was having dinner when the incident occured, and it all started when one of the men started smoking at the table.  

When the restaurant manager told him that was not permitted, the man stepped outside momentarily. When he returned, he had a bag of satay from another restaurant, which he and his companion began to eat from. 

Another staff member then told them patiently that that was not allowed either, to which one of the men replied: “Then you tell me where I can sit?" in an annoyed tone. 

Despite saying they would not consume the satay at the table, they continued to do so. A server later brought their food order to the table and noticed this. He put the plates on the table and walked off. 

This upset the men, who shouted at the server to come back, and reproached him for having a “bad attitude”.

One of the men, in a black shirt, then stood up and smashed a plate onto the ground. 

As staff were clearing the broken plates on the floor, the other man, in a white top, pushed one of the female servers. 

“Not sure what he was trying to do though, picking up some fried chicken pieces on the floor,” said the onlooker in the post. “When the female staff asked ‘Why did you push me?’ he tried to find trouble with her too.”

The manager later assured the two men they need not to pay for the meal. 

But, as the pair were walking away, the white-shirted chap threatened one of the male servers, challenging him to a fight. 

At this point, the other patrons at Fat Po decided they had had enough. 

When one of the shouted from his table to “stop harassing” the wait staff, the white-shited man went over and challenged him to a fight. 

The customer duly called the police and the men finally left.

Hours after the post was put up, Fat Po said on their Facebook page it had made a police report over the incident and was appealing for witnesses.

The eatery added: "Thank you to the customers and public for standing up for our staff when they were bullied by these patrons.

"Our staff are trying their best to provide you with a safe, comfortable and memorable dining experience. They do not deserve to be served with physical and mental abuse."

In an update on March 14, the police have told CNA they are investigating the incident.