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Two sofas 'fall from the sky', narrowly missing car on Grange Road

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Mr Peh Choon Whee was driving along Grange Road on Friday (June 23) morning when a sofa fell onto the road in front of his car.

He and his wife later spotted sofa cushions and another sofa on the road.

Mr Peh, who works in the technology sector, told The Straits Times on Saturday that it was raining very heavily at the time.

"Branches were dropping onto the road and suddenly, right in front of us, an outdoor sofa fell in front of my car," said the 37-year-old.

"We thought there was only one, but when I went back and looked at my dash cam, I realised that there was a cushion flying in the air and after we drove off there was another chair on the right."

Mr Peh said the sofas - the two-seater that fell in front of his vehicle and a one-seater at the right side of the road - could have come from a condominium along the road.

"It looked a lot bigger than what you see in the video," said Mr Peh.

He said he and his wife were shocked.

"We stopped our car for a while," Mr Peh said, adding that they could not believe their eyes.

The sofa, which Mr Peh said was probably a cheap one as it did not seem very heavy, landed with a thump and was blown along the road by the strong wind.

"I have no idea whether the wind (also) blew it down or someone threw it down," he said. "But the balcony at the condo has a glass partition and the sofa would be stopped by that," he told ST, still sounding incredulous.

His wife Shirley Ho had first told citizen journalism site Stomp about the incident, which she described as "cloudy with a chance of sofas".

She later said in a comment on Facebook that she tried to call the Land Transport Authority but left as "there was no response". Mr Peh said he did not make a police report.

He explained that it was raining really heavily and visibility was low, so he was relying on his wife to make sure he was going the right way.

"So I asked her to help me keep a lookout rather than trying to call," he said.

LTA on Friday tweeted about "obstacles" near Grange Road at 11am and 11.15am.

But it was not clear if the obstacles included the sofas.

ST visited Grange Road and understands that the sofas came from the 20th floor of the Cliveden at Grange condominium at 100 Grange Road.

ST understands that after a resident complained that the chairs were missing, the chairs were found on the road with a few dents.

Last year, more than 1,100 enforcement actions were taken for high-rise littering cases and offenders received fines of up to $800.