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Vehicle owners can access more services through One.Motoring website

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Vehicle owners can soon access more services through the One.Motoring website, such as the transfer of vehicle ownership, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said yesterday.

From Nov 26, vehicle owners will be able to use SingPass or CorpPass two-factor authentication for four new digital services on the website.

The services are: the transfer of vehicle ownership; transfer of Preferential Additional Registration Fee and certificate of entitlement rebate; transfer of temporary certificate of entitlement; and vehicle deregistration.

In addition, the LTA is also replacing hard copy letters, except for summonses, with e-notifications via SMS and e-letters sent to users' One.Motoring accounts.

These notifications will update vehicle owners on the status of recent transactions.

The LTA will provide a six-month transition period from this month to allow vehicle owners to adapt to the new system. During this period, hard copy letters will be mailed to owners' addresses alongside e-notifications.

Vehicle owners with SingPass or CorpPass will receive a hard copy letter informing them of the shift before the start of the transition period.

In addition, owners of foreign-registered vehicles will be able to apply for a vehicle entry permit (VEP) via the website from Nov 26, before entering Singapore.

Applicants can collect and pay for their permits or Autopass cards at the LTA offices at the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints upon approval.- CHOO YUN TING