Voting hour set aside for certain voters, including those on SHNs

This article is more than 12 months old

Singaporeans serving stay-home notices (SHN) amid Covid-19 will be able to leave their homes to vote at their assigned polling stations on Polling Day, but can only do so during a one-hour slot.

The Elections Department (ELD) said yesterday that a special voting hour, from 7pm to 8pm, will be set aside for certain groups of voters.

They include those who have a medical certificate for acute respiratory infection, and those detected with a temperature of 37.5 deg C and higher at polling stations on Polling Day.

The arrangements will minimise their contact with others, while allowing them to exercise their right to vote, the ELD said.

Covid-19 patients and those on quarantine orders will not be allowed to vote to reduce the risk of community transmission. About 350 voters were in these two groups and about 360 voters were serving SHN at home as of Tuesday.

For voters on SHN at hotels, polling teams will go door-to-door on July 10 to deliver ballot papers to them, the ELD said.


After opening the room door, the voter has to stand 1m away, lower his mask momentarily and show his identity card or passport to the polling team.

Once the voter's identity has been checked against the SHN voter register, the team will read out the voter's electoral division, polling district and voter serial number before handing over the ballot paper.

After the ballot paper is marked in private, the voter will place it into the ballot box. If the room is shared by more than one voter, the team will repeat the process for each voter.

Singaporeans overseas who have registered as voters can vote at the polling stations in 10 cities: Beijing, Canberra, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Tokyo and Washington DC.

Voting will take place subject to the approval of the overseas authorities and the prevailing Covid-19 situation in those cities, the ELD said. - THE STRAITS TIMES