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Where to get mental health help and support

From work and school stress to potentially debilitating conditions like schizophrenia, mental health issues cover a wide spectrum. Here’s a look at where different groups can get help, and the support the Government provides.


  • Those aged 18 to 29 form the largest group with poor mental health.
  • More than 7,000 young people were assessed to be at risk of developing mental health conditions by Chat, formerly known as the Community Health Assessment Team.
  • Community mental health teams have supported more than 90,000 young people and parents as at September 2023.
  • Intermediate residential facility to be developed for youth aged 10 to 19 at risk of suicide or severe self-harm.


  • Sixty-five of 73 Community Outreach Teams, known as Crest, provide support for seniors at risk of developing mental health conditions.
  • Silver Generation Ambassadors can share resources with those reluctant to seek help due to the fear of mental health stigma.


  • Crest can help caregivers with self-care, stress management and future planning.
  • Six Caregiver Crest teams have supported more than 2,300 caregivers as at September 2023.
  • Subsidies are available for caregiving training.


  • National University Hospital (NUH) offers antenatal and postnatal mental health screening, while KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) provides routine postnatal depression screening.
  • NUH will extend its mental health screening to fathers and husbands.
  • KKH has set up a service to support women dealing with trauma from physical or sexual harm.

Persons with disabilities

  • The Ministry of Health (MOH) has collaborated with the College of Family Physicians Singapore to equip general practitioners with skills to care for those with intellectual disabilities.
  • MOH piloted a specialist outreach team from the Institute of Mental Health to offer home-based care for those with intellectual disabilities and complex health needs.

Keeping mental health support affordable

Outpatient treatment

  • Eligible patients can receive subsidies of up to 75 per cent at polyclinics and public specialist clinics.
  • Community Health Assist Scheme, Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation card holders with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia can get subsidies of up to $540 a year under the Chronic Disease Management Programme.
  • Patients can use up to $500 or $700 from MediSave each year at selected clinics, depending on the complexity of their condition.
  • Those aged 60 and above can use an additional $300 a year from Flexi-MediSave to offset out-of-pocket expenses.

Inpatient treatment

  • Patients can claim up to $160 per day, capped at 60 days a year, from MediShield Life.
  • They can claim up to $150 per day from MediSave, within an annual MediSave limit of $5,000.

Lower-income Singaporeans

  • Those who need more help can apply for MediFund, a safety net for needy Singaporeans.