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Woman alleges bouncer kissed her without consent at Halloween party

A woman has taken to social media to allege that she was sexually harassed by a bouncer at a recent Halloween party.

In her post, Facebook user Melissa Wix details how the man kept “blowing kisses at her throughout the night despite her boyfriend standing right next to her” at an unnamed club on Oct 30.

Wix wrote that she ignored his advances and initially refrained from telling her boyfriend as she “didn't want to cause any issues". 

But when the bouncer allegedly approached her and kissed her cheeks while she was leaving the toilet, she alerted her boyfriend, who, together with their friends and security, confronted the bouncer. 

An altercation ensued and Wix said she sustained injuries while her boyfriend ended up in the hospital.  

She added that they alerted the police, but the bouncer left the scene before the cops arrived.

It is understood that a police report has been lodged over the incident. 

Wix also took to TikTok to upload a video of her talking about the same incident. 

@melissawix Update about the SA incident. I am so angry right now with this new information I found. #tiktoksg #spf ♬ original sound - Melissa Wix

According to the Sexual Assault Care Centre, if you've been sexually assaulted or harassed, you can make a police report any time after the incident, no matter how long it has been.


  • Police: Call 999 if you require immediate assistance or visit the nearest Neighbourhood Police Centre to speak to a police officer. Your identity will be protected.
  • Samaritans of Singapore (SOS): 1-767 (24-hour)
  • National Care Hotline: 1800 202 6868 
  • Aware's Sexual Assault Care Centre: 6779 0282 
  • Tinkle Friend (for children): 1800 274 4788 
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