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Woman buys and eats durian before causing ruckus at nearby shop and punching shop owner

This article is more than 12 months old

After purchasing durians from a stall in Yishun, a woman inexplicably caused a ruckus at a neighbouring shoe store and punched the shop owner on the head. 

The incident occurred at Block 846 Yishun Ring Road on Monday (Dec 12) around 6pm. 

The victim, 54-year-old Ms Wang, told Shin Min Daily News that the woman, 42, was patronising a durian shop when she walked over to her shoe store and overturned a few tables outside. 

At the time, Ms Wang was sitting inside the shop with her staff. When they went out to set the tables 10 minutes later, the woman returned to overturn the tables again, this time also shouting abuse at them.

The woman then allegedly punched Ms Wang four times on the head before leaving. The police were called after that.

The woman returned for a third time to hurl an empty water bottle at Ms Wang. By this time, Ms Wang’s husband had returned to the store, and together with the durian stall owner, managed to subdue the woman.

Police later arrested her for being a public nuisance.

Ms Wang, who claims not to have known the victim, said she was in shock following the incident, but declined to be taken to hospital. She has owned and operated the shoe store for 28 years.

Oddly enough, the durian stall owner said there was nothing unusual about the woman’s behaviour when she was patronising his stall. She even said the durian was delicious, before buying $15 worth of the fruit and eating them on the spot.