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Woman orders $125 cake from Carousell baker, says item delivered was 'plain cruel'

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After seeing an array of beautifully designed birthday cakes on a Carousell page, a buyer commissioned the seller for a cake that replicated an LRT train. 

What she received, however, was in her words: "totally unexpected, plain cruel and… a joke”.

Siti Nursufiani then took to Facebook group "Complaint Singapore" to share her experience.

She said her sister had ordered the cake from a business listed on Carousell and requested for it to be modelled after an LRT train.

The price agreed upon was $125.

This was what showed up: 

Even though the family was not expecting "a super realistic, grand high end cake", she felt it was ridiculous to pay $125 for the "tiny" cake.

According to the seller’s Carousell page, it offers halal cakes made with quality ingredients delivered with no extra charge.

Indeed, photos of the shop's own bakes appear rather decent.

Mothership.sg reached out to the seller regarding the LRT cake issue, and they explained that aside from sending a reference photo, the buyer did not share any other specifications, such as the size and weight of the cake. 

"The customer did not specify what she wanted. She did not specify details, neither did she mention wanting a big size. She merely sent a picture of an actual train and asked for it to be delivered on Saturday. When told the price, she just said OK. She wasn't forced to pay and I did not promise her anything."

The seller did tell Mothership though they take “part of the blame for their shortsightedness for not following up on this issue”.

"When I told her that she did not specify the size and apologised for not asking because I had gotten used to customers always asking first, she said she had no problems with the size. The problem suddenly became the design," the seller said.

Refund offered

The seller added that they have offered a full refund to the buyer. 

Despite this, the seller said the buyer has refused to take down the Facebook post as she “wants to raise awareness” of the incident. 

The post has had over 500 shares, and the seller said they have been harassed on Carousell because of it.

They told Mothership: "I can understand her unhappiness and disappointment. I am trying to compensate fairly. I don't just snap my fingers and the cake just appears. I spend hours and hours putting in effort to bake and make. I don't earn much. For me to go through this, it doesn't make sense."

It seems this was not the only time that the Carouseller has disappointed their customers.

Here are two more examples shared with Mothership: