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Yumi suing Wang Leehom's ex over allegations of affair

This ain’t over yet.

And if you thought hell has no fury like a woman scorned, double that.

Yumi, of Singaporean pop duo BY2, is suing  Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom's ex-wife Lee Jinglei

This was announced in a Weibo post by By2 on Saturday (Jan 29), with a three-page lawyer's letter attached.

Lee had indicated that Yumi could be the third party in her bitter divorce.

According to By2, Lee was yet to show any evidence of Yumi's alleged adultery.

It was claimed that Lee was cyberbullying Yumi by trying to sway public opinion against her.

Yumi had dated Wang from 2012 to 2013, but had never interfered with his marriage, the statement said.

"If we as public figures lack the courage to protect our rights, how would future victims of cyberbullying stand up for themselves?"

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