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Singaporeans pay tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew with art

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Singaporeans have taken to social media to express their grief over the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

More notably, art pieces, including sketches and graphic work have been shared among Singaporeans on social media including Instagram.

The most popular is the black and white picture of a ribbon with Mr Lee's face.

After several MPs like Mr Baey Yam Keng and Ms Sim Ann changed their profile picture to the photo with the ribbon, many Singaporeans have followed suit on Facebook.

It is also being shared on Twitter and Instagram. 

Mr Baey said that the picture was done by the People's Action Party.

Below are some other images that are being shared online.



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Lee Kuan Yew, at Commonwealth Close, Blk 82-83, HDB’s third estate in Queenstown known for its chap lak lao (16 floors) and outdone the colonial SIT’s 1956 Forfar House (14 floors) at Princess Estate, the HDB completed 1000 units of housing within 5 years. This was in May 1965. In the same year, Singapore separated from Malaysia on 9th August 1965. - However, Lee Kuan Yew and the pioneers like Lim Kim San, Goh Keng Swee and S.Rajaratnam, quickly regained composure and set out to work, together with our ah kongs, ah mas, papas and mamas to achieve what seemed impossible in 1965 and made Singapore what it is today. There were sacrifices and there were achievements, the Singapore story is no fairy tale but it is still no mean feat. - I think one of the most inspiring moments was when Lee Kuan Yew addressed and reassured the nation in 9th August 1965. As the leader of a young and uncertain Singapore, he knew he had a duty and he had to be strong: “I would like finally, if I may, just to speak not to you but really to the people of Singapore. I have been so busy in the last few days, I haven't had the time to compose my thoughts in writing to tell you what it is all about and why what has happened has happened." “There is nothing to be worried about it. Many things will go on just as usual. But be firm, be calm.” #LKY #LeeKuanYew #Queenstown #Singapore #illustration #pokpokandaway #李光耀 #新加坡 #RememberingLeeKuanYew #RememberingLKY #RIPLKY

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Thank you Mr Lee #riplky #rememberinglky

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Rest in peace, sg giant. Thank you for the lovely country. (Credit:May Huy Dung,

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Mr Lee Kuan Yew - Singapore's founding father (16 September 1923 - 23 Mar 2015) #RIPLKY #LeeKuanYew

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#RIP #leekuanyew #singapore #foundingfather #visionary

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