Steal Fred’s car, then dress up like him as punishment

This article is more than 12 months old

It is often said that the punishment should fit the crime. And three US teenagers in Sacremento, California, should be happy that it did in their case.

The trio were caught trying to steal a Flintstones car from outside a comic book store called World’s Best Comics. They lifted the heavy replica onto the back of a truck and drove off, only to get caught a few days later.

Instead of pressing charges, store owner Dave Downey agreed to let the thieves dress up as Flintstones characters and work at his store, in honour of Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) yesterday.

FCBD is a global movement and the busiest day of the year for many comic book stores.

Mr Downey made the compassionate move because he wanted to help the youngsters avoid the youth offender system, which he views as “messy”.

The cosplay punishment could be seen as preferable to being charged with theft. So the teens shrugged and agreed, Mr Downey told CBS Sacremento.

The teens were dressed as the popular cartoon characters Fred, Wilma and Barney. It is unknown which of the boys had to dress as Wilma.

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