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Super Bowl dancing sharks reveal their identities

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They flailed. They twirled. They wobbled.

And it was pure artistry.  

Katy Perry's dancing sharks stole the spotlight during Monday's Super Bowl halftime show with their klutzy moves and dejected expressions leaving fans thoroughly entertained. 

The two sharks featured during Perry's performance of California Girls and Teenage Dreams on a set brought to life by dancing palm trees, beach balls and surfboards.   

Both sharks later revealed their true identities.


Back-up dancer Bryan Gaw (above) took to social media to confirm rumours that he was the shark on the left of the photo. 

While co-dancer Scott Myrick (above) said he was the shark on the right. 

Myrick wrote on Reddit: "Yes I was the shark!!!!!! I dance for Katy on her prismatic world tour and have been with her for 5 years!

"I danced as a gingerbread man in her first tour, the California dreams tour. And also her big purple cat, kitty purry.

"I was actually a horse chest piece in dark horse and had to change into the shark costume in 1:30 seconds. It was nuts!" 

He added: "'visibility was terrible...I ran into a palm tree but the camera missed".

Thanks for the laughs, sharks. 

Source: Mail Online, Twitter, Instagram




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