Taylor Swift's cat could possibly owe her $55 million. Which local celebs should have their assets insured?

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Is any part of you insured for $40 million?

Well, if there is any truth to reports that emerged during the weekend, famously leggy pop star Taylor Swift could possibly have insured her legs for $40 million (S$55 million).

No word on whether it's true. In fact, we don't even know if each leg is insured for $40 million or is it a two-for-one price.

Either way, it looks like someone might have to pay up those big bucks soon.

Taylor Swift posted a photo on Instagram - seemingly mocking the rumour - of her legs after her cat Meredith scratched her legs.




A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Mar 14, 2015 at 4:18pm PDT


All we have to say to you, Meredith, is that you should be glad you didn't scratch Mariah Carey's legs, which are insured for $1 billion. Yeah, totally not a big deal.

Below is our list of things that local celebs should consider insuring:

1. George Young's charm

Maybe it's the British accent, or the good looks.

But we can't stop swooning whenever we see him or hear him speak.




2. Hirzi's legs



We love you, Munah, but Hirzi's legs seriously are to die for.

He makes me want to reach out for those short shorts. But of course, I realise soon after that my legs are nowhere near as nice as his.

3. Michelle Chong's sense of humour



Hello everybardy! Who could forget Chong's alter egos - Singapore's favourite SPG Barbarella, Lulu and especially Leticia. In fact, so popular were Chong's personalities that Barbarella even made an appearance at London's Singapore Day last year.



4. Rui En's icy stare

Who wouldn't love to have Rui En's icy stare for the times where people just do anything and everything possible to annoy you on the train?

With that look, I'm sure no one would even dare to lean their entire bodies against the pole in the MRT.

5. Taufik Batisah's ability to capture the hearts of thousands of girls here. 

With great power, comes great responsibility. And I suggest Taufik use this power sparingly. I don't think girls can take any more heartbreak after it was announced the singer was getting married in April.

6. Munah's hair

How does Munah's luscious locks manage to stay perfect whether she is dancing in trains, or doing a shoot for Esquire?



Source: Instagram, YouTube, National Enquirer




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