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Teacher 'slays' Maris Stella students in funny gongfu video for Teachers' Day

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What better way to show your appreciation for your teachers than with a video of them kicking your butt when you misbehave?

A group of Maris Stella High School students made a short gongfu movie spoof for Teachers' Day.




It had all the ingredients of a typical Hong Kong martial arts flick - cheesy opening credits, exaggerated and somewhat hilarious moves​ and bloopers.

Of course, getting beaten black and blue wasn't the actual message. The flick quoted Bruce Lee and Henry Adams to emphasise the noble role that teachers have.

If you're wondering why teacher Tao Yi Jun's moves look super cool, it's because she is a retired national wushu exponent.

She's also a SEA Games champion and was part of a trio that won the women's duilian at the 2011 World Wushu Championships in Turkey.

Miss Tao Yi Jun (centre) at the 26th South-east Asian Games in Indonesia in 2011. Her team won the gold.

Miss Tao Yi Jun (from left, in black) on the podium with Tay Yu Juan and Emily Sin after winning the duilian event at the World Wushu Championships in Ankara, Turkey, in 2011.

Miss Tao Yi Jun​ (left) is a retired national wushu exponent.

Photos: ST File, Sheng Shijie

You would have to be very brave, very stupid or very skilled to pick a fight with this teacher.