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TERROR TEACHER #2 She allegedly uses slipper to hit pupil

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When eight-year-old Kalansu got home with shoe prints on his uniform, his father was shocked.

The Primary 2 pupil at a school in Nusajaya, Johor, was allegedly punished on Tuesday for leaving his seat during class.

His art teacher allegedly used her slipper to hit the boy and left marks on his uniform, China Press reported.

When the boy's father sought redress from the school, the principal allegedly told him off, the report said.

The father claimed that his son's classmates witnessed the incident.


Left without recourse, he filed a police report.

The police have confirmed that a report was made and that they are investigating.

The father has also asked for a reasonable explanation and an apology from the school.

The China Press report quoted a Nusajaya police official as saying that while the teacher was wrong to hit the boy, she could have had her own reasons for doing so.

The police said they are also waiting for the boy's medical report.