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This article is more than 12 months old

On Manchester United legend Gary Pallister saying that United can dream of European glory

Khairul Ismail

"Dream" is the keyword.

Abg Nee

Sure. Everyone can dream. That is until he wakes up and faces the harsh truth.

Larren Chen

Dream? Dream on.

On the Punggol flat fire on Monday

May Chan

Oh dear, get well soon. Thanks SCDF!

Faryani Rashid

It's all blackened but the toys are still looking nice.

On the professional organiser who charges $400 to organise your space

Diana Dee

Please organise my whole house as it's a crazy mess.

Jigmey Chunzen

No, because the money will be wasted as I will just mess up my desk again.

Chew Sze Yong

To some people, they still prefer their "organised mess". Everything that they need is right there on their desks, and they have no problem finding what they need.

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