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Tourists who court trouble by baring all

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Out with naked tourists, in with decently-dressed visitors. That seems to be the mantra at various cultural sites around the world.

A group of tourists who posed naked on Mount Kinabalu caused public uproar when a picture of them baring all on the mountain was shared online. 

Their antics led to some local officials blaming the June 5 earthquake that devastated Sabah on their callous behaviour.

Four men and women were detained by the Malaysian authorities, sentenced to three days' jail each and fined RM5,000 (S$1,792). 

But this was not the first time that tourists' brazen actions sparked controversy.

Here are three other examples.

Two sisters arrested for nudity at Cambodia's Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat. PHOTO: SPH

The Daily Mail reported that two American sisters, Lindsey and Leslie Adams were arrested and fined 1 million riel (S$ 326) for lowering their pants to their knees and taking pictures of their buttocks at Cambodia's sacred Angkor Wat.

The incident took place in February this year.

They were arrested after a guard discovered them in action - taking a photo of each other's naked backside.

The pair was deported and banned from entering Cambodia for four years.


Peru tells visitors: "Stop getting naked at Machu Picchu!"

It is listed as a sanctuary site on the United Nation's World Heritage list.

But the historic status could not spare Machu Picchu from people who insist on showing their bits and boobs to all and sundry.

It seems to be a popular spot for streakers - as seen in this video uploaded in March 2014.


The sideshow got so bad that the Peruvian government vowed in 2014 to crack down on visitors who bare all.

A law banning nudity on the site was passed in the same year.

But several tourists, including four Americans, didn't get the memo. They were caught in the act. 


Barcelona residents march to protest against buck-naked Italian tourists

A photo of Italian tourists running around naked in Barcelona didn't go down well with the locals. Photo: TWITTER/@KATRUN26POINT2 

In Aug 2014, a group of Italian tourists frolicked naked in the streets of La Barceloneta, a neighbourhood in Barcelona .

Appalled residents took to the streets in protest.

They demanded that local authorities do more to curb the rise of what they called "drunken tourism", The Guardian reported

A frustrated local said:

"Imagine that you're in a tiny house, with three children, unemployed with no money for vacations.

"And you have to put up with the screams and fiesta of tourists next door. It's unbearable."

In response to the protest, local officials said that they would increase police presence in the area.

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