UK cyclist ditches capitalism after long Brazil ride

This article is more than 12 months old

London accountant Andy Smith used to make good money in the City.

But he says he is giving up on full-blown capitalism after a five-month bicycle ride through Brazil opened his eyes to life’s real riches.

The lean and heavily tanned 35-year-old stood in the baking heat outside the Amazonia arena in Manaus on Thursday after cycling almost 8,000 km for charity.

He started in the southern city of Porto Alegre in January.

“I came here to find some inspiration ... and when I go back I need to find something different,” he told Reuters.

He said he wanted to perhaps work for “a social enterprise, a business that’s trying to make the world a better place somehow”.


Andy Smith shows his tablet with his biking route through Brazil to arrive at Arena da Amazonia stadium.

He added: “At least it’s not just shuffling money around from shareholders to suppliers to whatever which is what I’ve been doing for years and doesn’t inspire me.”

The die hard fan of the England national soccer team quit his job last September to prepare for the trip.

Source: Reuters