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Dogs shouldn’t use lifts

This article is more than 12 months old

I agree that large dogs, which can't be carried, should not be allowed in passenger lifts at condominiums ("Uproar over dogs and lifts at Killiney condo", The New Paper, Dec 3).

All types of residents, ranging from toddlers to the elderly, and those who are vulnerable in one way or the other, use these lifts. Even when they are not harmed, they may be startled or alarmed by large dogs.

At the condominium in Hong Kong where I live now, the management requires all large dogs that can bite and attack people to be muzzled when taken out for walks.

Recently, there have also been complaints from residents about young children being alarmed by dogs in the passenger lifts. So a notice has been sent to residents saying that all dogs, no matter what size, should use only the service lifts.

In my view, all residents should have the right to use the passenger lifts without having to share the confined space with dogs.