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Hooray for four more years of F1

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I am so glad that our one truly international sporting event has been extended for four more years.

The glitz off the track is just the icing on the cake of a spectacle that is a resounding endorsement of how capable, efficient and organised we are as a nation.

Most of all, it proves that we can have fun if we want to.

The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix combines the latest in technology, the adrenaline rush of speed and the risks that come with it, adding to the level of euphoria.

It is a natural fit for our country, which prides itself on being a centre for innovation and excellence.

Not just engineers, or those aspiring to be, but even the common man in the street can appreciate this event. For some, the party lasts for days, making Singapore a regular Monte Carlo of the East.

But it is also about hard work and making sure everything works.

Our reputation rides on it as the world watches this unique race, set in the breathtaking night scenery of our glittering city.