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How to handle conflicts at work

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Conflicts with co-workers can be a painful experience for your career.

They can be some of the trickiest interpersonal issues to resolve.

Unlike with friends, you don't get to pick your officemates.

Unlike with family, you can't lean on parents to referee your arguments.

Here are some common conflicts with colleagues and how to handle them:


Imagine someone you think isn't better than you getting more attention, a better salary or a promotion.

That could be enough to turn someone green with envy.


If they aren't up to it, they will have a hard time dealing with their new job scope.

Just mind your own business, and take a moment to enjoy the knowledge that you have fewer responsibilities (for now).


Some people put others down to prop themselves up.

They tend to lack maturity and emotional intelligence.

Dealing with such arrogant colleagues requires good emotional intelligence too.

Be patient and have self-control, confronting them will only make you look as immature as them.

If you are not sure if you can control yourself, avoid them to protect your own reputation.


Have you ever been irritated by your colleagues? Or said something to irritate your colleagues?

Irritability stops people from doing their job.

If you are easily irritated, people will hesitate to raise important questions or ask to clarify things with you.

So be approachable. Remind yourself that you're all trying to get the job done together.

If someone irritates you, don't respond in kind, and definitely don't take it out on other innocent colleagues. Take it up with that person first. Meet him (or her) and let him know what is the point of contention.

Let him explain his side of the story and don't interrupt him.

Resolve your issue with discussion and negotiation. In other words, be someone who is a pleasure to work with.

Article contributed by TBC HR Consulting