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Issue is with ruling not approved by majority

This article is more than 12 months old

I refer to the report "Big dogs should not use lifts" (The New Paper, Dec 5). Ms Eunice Li Dan Yue may appreciate a different perspective if she knew more of the background.

The "uproar" is not entirely about whether big dogs should be allowed in passenger lifts.

The issue is what a few management council (MC) members may decide behind closed doors and then enforce, without first obtaining the approval of the required majority.

The dogs featured in the report live with me in the condominium. They have not caused any problem anywhere in the condo, in or outside the lift.

Nevertheless, we immediately agreed when the MC member who started the e-mail chain referred to in the report requested that we not enter the lift with our dogs if we see his family waiting to do so. We kept to this.

We were shocked when the prohibitive rules were passed. I was told four families objected to big dogs being in the lift.

The objection of four units out of 68 does not constitute any majority, and they should not be allowed to impose their will on the others.